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20 enero 2018

Albert James "Alan" Freed (December 15, 1921 – January 20, 1965)

American disc-jockey Alan Freed died from uraemia and cirrhosis brought on by alcoholism at the age of 42.  He became internationally known for promoting the mix of Blues, Country, RNR,  and Rhythm and Blues music on the radio in the United States and Europe under the name of Rock and Roll. Freed, called  the "Father of Rock and Roll", appeared in the movies such as Rock Around the Clock and Don't Knock the Rock. His career was destroyed by the payola scandal that hit the broadcasting industry in the early 1960´s

Ottis Dewey "Slim" Whitman (January 20, 1923 – June 19, 2013)

Slim Whitman and Bill Mack 

RIP Dorothy Malone (January 30, 1925 - January 19, 2018)

Marilyn Monroe

19 enero 2018

Phil Everly (January 19, 1939 - January 3, 2014)

Phil Everly only appeared in one high school yearbook. There was the traditional individual class photo. This is Phil pictured with the track team

Carl Lee Perkins (April 9, 1932 – January 19, 1998)

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Young Elvis

Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore and Bill Black in 1956

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley nació el día 8 de enero de 1935. Considerado el Rey del Rock, ha sido y continúa siendo una gran influencia para muchas personas. Su carismática imagen, sus impactantes canciones, su estilo auténtico y personal, su emotiva voz, su generosidad y su espíritu rebelde hace que uno de los pioneros del Rock sea recordado y adorado por miles de seguidores. Cada año, la peregrinación a Memphis supera los 600.000 visitantes anuales, siendo una de las más importantes rutas de peregrinación del mundo. Te recordamos y te recordaremos, Elvis.

Lawrence Eugene Williams (May 10, 1935 – January 7, 1980)

Gene Vincent

January 7, 1955 - 'Rock Around the Clock' by Bill Haley and his Comets, entered the UK chart for the first time. The original full title of the song was 'We're Gonna Rock Around the Clock Tonight!' and is often cited as the biggest-selling vinyl rock and roll single of all time with sales over 25m

Johnny Hallyday

06 enero 2018

Earl Eugene Scruggs (January 6, 1924 – March 28, 2012)

Bob Moore with Benny Martin, Curly Seckler, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs

January 6, 1957

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